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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  July 23, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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. >> this is the bay area's news station. kron4news starts now. >> now at 11:00. in court and in a lot of trouble. >> i can't believe that is happening in our town. >> police say a ymca worker betrayed the trust of young children. alarming allegations against a 20-year-old ymca worker, he may have molested 4 children under his care. he took photos of the children after he violated them. >> reporter: this is the ymca
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at the center of the case. officials say it is against policy to let a worker be alone with a child, but this happened several times in this case. they are devastated about what has happened for several reasons. >> we have policies to prohibit this behavior. we have p/]xojlto evaluate wher something when miss. >> reporter: they are cooperating with officials as they search for more victims. he was also a soccer coach. >> he could have come in contact with a lot of kids. >> reporter: jordan says this case has been difficult to deal
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with. his mother works for ymca in the administration department. she is on leave because of her son's arrest. >> reporter: you guys did a background check, right? >> he was in our program as a child. we cleared him through the fbi and department of justice. he was loved by a lot of the parents and th community. >> reporter: so you have known him for a long time. reporter: this must be heart breaking personally and professionally. >> it's hard. >> reporter: they are evaluating their policies. they handed out flyers so parents know what counseling services will be offered for
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victims and families. they are interviewing children to see if there are more victims out there. in morgan hill, kron4news. >> after learning the child care provider is facing charges, parents and coworkers are shocked. >> i work in child care and it is always important to have another person present. >> we never had indications from any of the screenings that there was an issue. we would have gotten immediate notification. she was really well-loved by parents. >> they have found over a hundred photos that are
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explicit. stay tuned for more. a volunteer at the oakland zoo is being treated for rabies and what this means for zoo visitors. >> reporter: a bat similar to what you see here bit a volunteer at the zoo. they spotted the creatures. they picked it up and the bat mouthed her hand. it's unusual for these wild bats to be out during the day. >> usually they are roosting during the day and asleep. >> reporter: although from the wild the zoo's vet doesn't believe there will be harm to
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visitors. >> there are other bats around the zoo, but they aren't really going to come after you, and we avoi them. >> reporter: the bat may have pierced the girl's skin. test results are positive for rabies. the bat has been euthanized. >> once a human or animal starts showing signs of rabies it is too late. a boy is missing from oakland is now found safe. naghtnathanial was found and
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left over a pair of sneakers. surveillance photos of this suspect at a yogurt store, he smashed two windows, took a bag of cash and ran off. >> reporter: temperatures were warmer than yesterday especially for the inland valleys. we were near 90. it felt muggy today. now the high clouds have pushed on. we will deal with low visibility as the fog rolls in. it will impact inland valleys. it will be slow to clear.
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typical summer pattern i will have more on this week and changes. officials say a fire has broken out on a gulf of mexico gas well. workers have been evacuated. it is unclear what caused the gas to they are trying to bring that well under control. the coast guard has sent crews to the scene. what is next for britain's prince. the public has gotten a glimpse. for graphic photos that have surfaced. >> reporter: chp is warning drivers on interstate 80 that they are out and about and
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looking for violations and what they are trying to accomplish. >> we give you major coverage. when it is a big story, when it is breaking news, we are on the air anytime. kron4, the bay area's news station. look at 'em.
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. >> i-80 is one of the most dangerous highways in the country. police are teaming up to increase enforcement from california to new jersey. they will explain how this will work. >> reporter: chp is warning drivers that they will be on high alert looking for safety violations. their goal is zero fatalities in that month. it goes from san francisco to new jersey, approximately 3,000 miles. there were 58 fa tilts
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fatalities. the last week of july there is usually more. they are looking for any safety violations on the road. >> make sure the motorist, particularly drivers are driving in the safest manner possible, safe speeds,safe distances so they can arrive alive at their destination. >> reporter: chp will patrol in ways you may not see while driving. >> we will have other assets like air patrol to have the best safety conditions we can have. >> reporter: chp is getting the word out so drivers think about safety to the interstate. >> we want people to think how
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do i eliminate destructions. how are my tires? do i have enough tread. >> reporter: they say they are not playing games. they will be looking for safety violations. jeff bush, kron4news. there are photos we can't show you of a politician. more graphic snap shots have surfaced.
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. >> the world got its first glimpse of the new royal bundle of joy. katherine and william left with their baby. . >> it was a moment we were waiting for. when the couple came out they looked completely relaxed and happy, and there was the little baby that people wanted to see. they did get to see it. they walked to the microphone and gave these responses. >> he has a good pair of longs on him. he is heavy. we don't have a name.
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>> i think any parent knows this feeling. >> i don't think they will be here that long. they will head off to seclusion of the village. in a week william is back to work. he is a working royal. we head into a younger age of royalty and see how they are doing things differently. it isn't how things would have been handled 20 or 30 years ago. he did it again and got caught again. weiner is explaining why he sent text messages and photos to a woman who is not his wife.
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the photos are not fit for tv. he is sending more photos. he admits to sending more as recently at last summer after being forced to resign from congress. >> i have said other texts and photos would come out. today they have. these things i did were wrong, and hurtful to my wife and caused us to go through challenges in our marriage. >> anthony has made horrible mistakes before his time in congress and after. he wants to run for mayor. all i want to say is i love him. i have forgiven him. i believe in him. we have said from the
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beginning, we are moving forward. >> that is his wife. yes she has been helping her husband on the campaign trail and still believes in him. 80 california lottery tickets have been stolen. they got a good look at him. police say he stole $350 worth of lottery tickets. a fire near the i-5 grapevine. it is 50% contained and not clear yet how it started. >> reporter: typical summer pattern filling up the bay
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shores. fog tomorrow morning. temperatures average. warmer for inland valleys. it will be cooler this weekend. fog tracker, wednesday morning widespread, but it will peel back by 10:00. we will see sunshine for the bay shores it will take longer. 82 in palo alto. east bay low 80s and 90s. 70s for shores like richmond, berkeley, alameda. they will have persistent fog. look at your extended forecast.
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fog returns. we will see sunshine in the afternoon. thursday and friday and into weekend, things will cool in fact below average as we head into sunday, monday. the a's try to make a win while the giants try to take on the reds. sports next. ♪
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. >> all right good evening. the giants playing with cincinnati at home, first appearance since under going tommy john's surgery, they go on a roll. the giants 9-3. the debut of erick, 9-3, the 5th straight win the reds over the giants. because of the rain out you have dusty baker the home club, the giants the road club.
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they are playing at at&t. he is in there safe, buster posey. sandoval with a couple of runs. miller goes down the line eventually credited with the win. zito great catch but the win goes to castillo. they win 5-3. 105th career win. 8 games under .500. a's finish in houston. it is a pinch hitter, 1-for-2 since the home run hitting
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contest. crank it up. here is balfour, he gives up the safe to dominguez. he goes to work. it is in the dirt. spot there. houston was picked off, bad throw by norris. here comes jonathan villar. a's still 3 up in the american league west. balfour's streak is over. cbs the network is reporting a-rod could face a live time ban for performance enhancing drugs. there is more evidence against
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him than ryan braun who got a 65-game suspension. rodriguez tried to payoff people who would hold back information about his using the drugs. you don't mess with evidence. there is no word from rodriguez or the yankees. stanford football has sold all season ticket packages. warriors there is the 18th season in the league. giants visit the white house monday. today it was the louisville
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team. $2.2 million overseas but taking $750,000. you have to give the government 61%. >> ouch. good night.
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